Spanish mantecados and polvorones to make your Christmas meals and dinners sweeter.

Spanish mantecados and polvorones: what they are and how they are made.

Mantecados and polvorones are typical Christmas sweets in Spain, made from lard, flour and sugar. In this section you can find different Christmas sweets, such as polvorones, mantecados or marquesas, of different types and brands. Among them are the polvorones of Delaviuda or Eidetesa.

Spanish mantecados and polvorones for all tastes.

In Your Spanish Corner you can find a wide selection of typical Christmas sweets in Spain, such as almond polvorones, chocolate polvorones and marquesas.

Buy typical Spanish Christmas mantecados and polvorones online to make your Christmas meals and dinners sweeter.

Do you know the typical sweets of Spain at Christmas? In Your Spanish Corner you can find:

  • Almond polvorones: polvorones are a type of lard biscuits that is made with almonds, lard, flour and sugar, and you can also add a little cocoa. At Your Spanish Corner we recommend some of our polvorones, such as the almond polvorones from "Delaviuda" and the chocolate polvorones from "Eidetesa".
  • Marquesas: Marquesas are biscuit cakes made with almonds, lemon rind, eggs and sugar. We recommend you try the marquesas from "Delvaiuda" and the chocolate-filled marquesas from "Delaviuda".

Find the best brands of Spanish polvorones.


Have you tried Delaviuda's polvorones? Buy almond polvorones, almond marquesas and chocolate-filled marquesas to enjoy the sweetest Christmas with Delaviuda.


From Eidetesa you can buy polvorones with chocolate to spend a sweet Christmas surrounded by your loved ones.

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