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The amounts shown are indicative and may vary without prior notice. At the end of the payment process, the final transportation cost calculated according to its weight/volume and destination will be shown.

To calculate shipping we use the weight/volume variable since transport agencies apply their rates based on both the total weight and the volume of the order, always applying the greater of the two, so the actual weight of your order will not always coincide with the weight/volume reported in our purchasing process, although it will be very similar.

All amounts shown include the corresponding tax. It is recommended to inform yourself in your country about possible restrictions before making any purchase, since Your Spanish Corner will not be responsible in case of detentions or customs problems.

Our shipping is free from €180 for our main destinations and €200 for distant destinations! See conditions below...

Main destinations

Approximate time 3/4 working days

Other destinations

Approximate time 4/7 working days


Approximate time 5/7 working days

In all cases, delivery time is counted from the day after shipment. It is an approximate estimate, since delivery may be affected by weather conditions, strikes, holidays and other reasons beyond the control of Your Spanish Corner.

Weekends and holidays are not counted as working hours.

WE SHIP TO UK!! But with some changes...

What happened to Brexit? As you know, since January 1, 2021, the United Kingdom no longer belongs to the EU. Although a zero-tariff trade agreement has been reached for products from the EU, tax procedures are no longer the same and border controls have been implemented.

What does this change affect? Before there was free circulation of goods and we could sell in the UK as if we were doing so in Spain, but now every purchase made to any country in the EU and that in its entirety exceeds 140 pounds is considered an import and has associated taxes and tariffs. .

To avoid surprises, we have set a purchase limit of €115 (including taxes) and a weight of 30 kg. We are responsible for these taxes and will later settle them with the United Kingdom tax agency. This way you will not have to pay any extra cost to receive your order, we avoid costs and unwanted surprises at customs and we speed up delivery times .

We have been forced to withdraw some of our products from sale in the United Kingdom, such as alcoholic beverages (they carry special taxes) or fresh products that may arrive in poor condition, in this way we simplify the process at customs as much as possible and avoid possible delays. , that is why you may not find all the products that we previously had and our catalog may be reduced.

All these procedures have associated costs, at Your Spanish Corner we have decided to assume a large part of these costs so that it affects your purchase as little as possible, which is why we now have a fixed shipping cost to the UK of €34.99, which includes transport and also customs clearance.

How to buy Spanish products at Your Spanish Corner to send to the UK?

The products on our website have the same prices as always for both the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe, but different taxes are applied and as we have already told you, there are some products that we cannot sell in the UK at the moment, which is why it is very important. that at the beginning of the purchase you select “United Kingdom” as the destination country or if you are already a customer and have a user account, you log in before purchasing so that our website identifies the country and can show you only the available products and apply the correct taxes, Otherwise, when you were to make the payment, it could show you a different amount than the one you had in the cart and the products that we cannot send you would disappear.

Has your order arrived damaged?

We put all our effort and care into packing your order as best as possible, externally we use exclusive boxes designed for Your Spanish Corner and for the interior we use various reinforcement packaging such as auxiliary boxes, special protectors for delicate bottles, isothermal polystyrene packaging... still there are Occasions when an order may arrive damaged. In that case, take photographs of any dents on the outer packaging, of the damaged products inside and outside the box and send them to us along with your order reference number through so that we can process the insurance of the carrier to pay for the damaged products and offer you a solution.