Which countries does Your Spanish Corner deliver to?
We currently ship to all EU member countries and the UK, although we work daily to expand our destinations. If your country does not appear on the list, contact us at info@yourspanishcorner.com and we will try to help you. If you want to be alerted about all our updates, follow us on our RRSS or register on the web.
How long will it take to receive my parcel?

The time it will be in transit varies depending on the country where you are going. An estimate of how long our shipments take:

 - Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, Holland, Italy and Luxembourg, 4-5 working days in transit

- UK 5/7 working days, depends a lot on customs procedures- Denmark, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, 5-6 laborable days in transit

- Bulgary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Irland, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Sweden, 6-7 laborable days in transit
- Bosnia-herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia,, 7-12 laborable days in transit

Note:  We will only ship parcels from Monday to Thursday.  All orders recieved on Thursday/Friday  (we have 2 working days to prepare it) will be placed the following Monday (we do this to avoid that parcels are placed the weekend in the carrier’s warehouse)
Will I get notified about my order status?
When you do an order it will happen the following:
1.- At the end of the purchase process you will receive an email indicating that your order has been received. At that time we will begin to prepare it. Normally we are very fast assembling our orders, if you finish your purchase before 12 it is very possible that it will be shipped on the same day. Orders placed on Friday afternoons or during weekends will not be processed until the following Monday (to prevent the merchandise from being held in the carrier's warehouses).
2.- We will confirm by mail when your order has been shipped and the next day we will give you a locator. If you enter the carrier's page, you can locate where your order is in a very comfortable way. If you have any problem, do not worry, contact us through our mail info@yourspanishcorner.com
How will you deliver my order?
The delivery company will deliver the package in the address you have introduced in the system.  

We'll pack some products in thermally protective polystyrene and frozen ice packs to ensure they stay cool during transit. Our cheeses and meats all have at least some curation and are thus able to be transported  in such packaging without going bad. Vacuum sealed products can be transported without such packaging.

Although delivery is often within 4-7 days, if there is a weekend in the middle delivery could take a week, and the products won't last. If you do choose to order refrigerated products, please take into account that we cannot accept responsability for their degradation and we can't refund.

Customers should be sure that they are able to receive delivery of orders containing refrigerated goods on the first attempt. Unfortunately, we cannot accept responsibility for degradation of such products that were unable to be delivered at the first attempt due to the customer being absent. If you are not sure that you will be available to accept delivery, consider contacting us to schedule delivery for a specific day, or preferably, have the goods delivered to your work address. Please note that orders placed on Friday containing refrigerated products will be shipped on Monday.

  It is convenient that you are looking after your order once it arrive to your depot, and arrange a quick delivery.  All this products are re-usable!.  

How does the delivery work?
- Normaly the packages will be delivered in office hours.  If the carrier has any problems to find the address you gave us, he will phone you to the number you introduced in our system.  
- If there is someone in charge of receiving the package he/she will have to sign the delivery note.
- If there is nobody in the adress you gave us, the delivery company will leave you a note for you to contact them and accord a new date to bring you the parcel.  
- If there is again nobody at the address you gave us, then you will have to pick the parcel up from the carrier’s shop.

-In the majority of cases, in order to avoid fraudulent claims, the courier will require a signature on delivery of your order and therefore somebody will need to be in to receive it. You are free to ask us to instruct the courier to leave your package in a location that you believe to be secure, or to choose a non-signature required service, but in this case you assume the risk involved in specifying that a signature is not required and we will not be able to entertain claims for non-delivery.

-After attempting delivery once or twice, the courier will hold your order awaiting instructions from yourself. If you do not contact them within 7 days, the order will be returned to us at our cost. In such case you do not get your money back

Payment method
We have three different ways to pay:
Should you have any question do not hesitate to contact us.

Credit card , if you prefer to pay by card, you will need to have the following on hand: card number, name of the holder, expiration date and the CVV (security code that appears on the back of the card) You will be redirected to the web safe from the bank, at Your Spanish Corner we do not save or store any information about your card or any means of payment.

 - Paypal, if you have a Pay Pal account at the end of your order you will be redirected to their page to complete the payment. This payment method has a surcharge of 2.5% due to the high commissions charged by the entity.

Bank transfer: Keep in mind that your order will be processed at the time the bank notifies the payment of the amount, so it will take longer to deliver.


Is it possible to modify an order?

When you place an order we start preparing it immediately. If as soon as you do it you notice that something is missing or you want to make a change, contact us by email or our contact telephone number and we will try to solve it. As soon as the order leaves our warehouse, it is impossible to modify or cancel it.


And if my order arrives damaged?

We take great care in the packaging of our shipments to avoid breakage and accidents, we use small boxes, bubble wrap and all kinds of cushioning materials inside another large box. However, it may happen that a packet has suffered a mishap on the way to its destination. When you receive a package in poor condition, do not reject it, inspect it, take pictures of the box and the damaged products inside and outside the damaged packaging, send us an email to info@yourspanishcorner.com within 24 hours of receipt and we will give you instructions on how to proceed.

Can I suggest any products?
Yes please, we just love it! tell us what you are looking for and we will try to find it, info@yourspanishcorner.com
What do you do with my personal details?
All your personal details information is confidential according to the existing law in Spain.  Your Spanish Corner, S.L. follows the Spanish law for privacy according to Ley Orgánica 15/99 from 13/12/1999.