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Showing 1 - 15 of 30 items

Buy online different sparkling drinks and cava typical for Spanish Christmas celebrations such as El Gaitero cider and Freixenet cava.

* The sale of alcohol to the United Kingdom and Ireland is prohibited. Failure to comply with this rule implies the non-return of the money.

Asturian cider: what it is and how it is made

Asturian cider is an alcoholic and sparkling drink, made with pressed and fermented apples, manufactured in the north of Spain and widely consumed throughout the country.

In Your Spanish Corner you can find the typical El Gaitero cider, made in the heart of Asturias. El Gaitero cider is one of the most consumed by the Spanish during Christmas.

Typical Spanish Asturian cider at Christmas

Enjoying the taste of Spanish cider is a pleasure that is typical of Christmas in our country to toast with family and friends on outstanding days.

Buy your Spanish cider here and enjoy Christmas with our selection of the best typical Spanish sparkling wines.

Find the best cider brands such as El Gaitero, Cortina or Maeloc and enjoy the taste of the typical traditional Spanish cider at Christmas.

Cava: Spanish sparkling wine

In our large selection of sparkling drinks, you will find, in addition to cider, cava, a sparkling wine of Catalan origin widely consumed in Christmas celebrations throughout Spain.

Among our best Spanish cavas or sparkling wines are the Freixenet cava or Anna Codorniu cava, among the most consumed in Spain at Christmas.

Buy your bottle of cava or Spanish sparkling wine in our store specialised in Spanish products and this Christmas, enjoy the best.

With what to accompany Asturian cider or cava at Christmas

At Your Spanish Corner we recommend you enjoy the exquisite taste of cava and Asturian cider accompanied by some typical Spanish chocolates or nougat. Find them on our website and get ready for the sweetest Christmas, wherever you are.