Terms of use


Please follow this terms & conditions to buy at www.yourspanishcorner.com.

1.- Registration

For purchasing in our website, it is necessary to register first.  You will need an e-mail address & passsord.  Everytime you want to access your space you will have to enter your login details.  In your space you will find useful information, as the status of your order, last shopping list.... we will send you a newsletter to keep you informed about promotions, new products, recipes, destinations...

Please keep your login details safe as they are personal & not transferable.  We don't assume the consequences of losing your login details or the non authorised use of it.

2.- Availability

yourspanishcorner.com offers a wide range of products like food, books, gifts, clothes, cookware, special articles for spanish fiestas.. we have the right to change this products or delete them from our catalogue, without any notification.

You can always contact our customer service department to suggest new products, we will study them & probably introduce them to our catalog.

According to Spanish law, it is completely forbidden the purchase of alcoholic drinks if you are under 18, yourspanishcorner.com will check all details to assure that you are over this age, when buying this kind of products.

3.- Prices

yourspanishcorner.com guarantees you the prices that are showing the system, by the time you do your shopping.  All products that you buy will have the showed price.  The Spanish legal tax is added to the final price that you see, there is no extra charge for it.  The minimum order is 35 euros.

4.- Preparation of your order

yourspanishcorner.com guarantees the stock of products we are showing in our website, but can not guarantee the availability of all of them in the amount required, in that case, we will inform you by e-mail about the missing product, and the final price of your order.

You will be able to check all information about your order, in your personal space under the category of "my account".

5.- Delivery of order

We will deliver the package to the given address.  The list of countries that we delivery normaly to are in the main page under "delivery cost" if you are based in a different country that is not showing in the list, please send us an e-mail to customer service explaning the country you are in & the products you would like to buy, we will come back to you as soon as possible with an answer, as there are many restrictions in some countries.

 All packages are treated as fragile packages to assure the perfect conditions of your products.  Once you receive the package, you will have to sign a delivery note.

yourspanishcorner.com is not assuming the delay in the delivery of a package once it has left our warehouse, it can be due to weather conditions, demonstrations... we will inform you if this is the case, of the situation.  You can check delivery times, in the main page under "cost of delivery" there it's showing all different countries within Europe.

6.- Guarantees

All conditions showing above have been regulated by the Spanish law of 34/2002 for e-commerce.  Spanish law of 7/1998 for general conditions in hiring.  Real decreto legislativo 1/2007.  Spanish law of 7/1996.

Referring to the article 44 & following, spanish law nº. 7/96 - 15th January retail commerce, you will have 14 days, counting from the reception date, for giving the product back.  Assuming directly the cost of delivery back to Spain.

Can I give a product back?   Please check all conditions in https://yourspanishcorner.com/es/content/2-aviso-legal

7.- Payment conditions

Buying at Your Spanish Corner will give you the following payment options:

- credit cards: VISA/MASTERCARD, we guaratee you the total security in all your trasactions, as we have the latest technology system.

- paypal.