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Discover the authentic flavor of Spain with 1880 Duro de Alicante nougat!

At Your Spanish Corner, we offer you the opportunity to buy the most delicious and traditional Spanish nougat: the 1880 Duro de Alicante nougat . Are you in Germany, Belgium, France, Holland, Austria or Luxembourg? No matter where you are, we bring a little piece of Spanish Christmas directly to your door.

Our 1880 Duro de Alicante nougat is the perfect gift to sweeten your Christmas celebrations. Made with the highest quality ingredients following centuries-old recipes, this nougat is a true culinary masterpiece. Each bite will transport you to the sunny Alicante region, where the Marcona almond, the main ingredient in our nougat, is grown.

Why choose our 1880 Duro de Alicante nougat?

Traditional Flavor: Our nougat maintains the original recipe from more than a century ago, offering you the authentic Spanish flavor.

Superior Quality: We use the highest quality Marcona almonds and pure honey to ensure an exceptional experience.

Shipping throughout Europe: We deliver fast and secure in Germany, Belgium, France, Holland, Austria, Luxembourg and other countries in Europe.

Spanish Christmas Sweets : In addition to our 1880 Duro de Alicante nougat, we also offer a wide selection of Spanish Christmas sweets, such as Polvorones, Marzipan and more.

It contains 2 tablets that include pre-cutting to facilitate handling and consumption. Nougat with designation of origin from Alicante.

Don't miss the opportunity to enjoy Spanish Christmas wherever you are. Buy your 1880 Duro de Alicante nougat now and let yourself be carried away by the flavors and aromas of Spain.

Buying nougat in Germany, buying Spanish nougat in Belgium, buying Spanish nougat in France, Holland, Austria and Luxembourg has never been easier and you can do it online. Place your order today and celebrate Christmas in the purest Spanish style!

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