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If you are a chocolate lover and are looking for a sweet that combines fluffiness and unmistakable flavor, Bimbo cupcakes are the perfect choice. Especially Bimbo's Tigretón, a chocolate cake with an irresistible apricot cream and a chocolate coating that will make you remember the best moments of your childhood in Spain

Why choose Bimbo's Tigretón?

Fluffy and delicious: This chocolate cake is a unique experience thanks to its spongy texture and delicious apricot cream. It's the perfect balance between sweet and fruity.

Chocolate coating : The chocolate layer that covers the Tigretón is simply spectacular. Its unmistakable flavor will remind you why classics never go out of style.

Practical to-go format: Perfect for your breakfasts, snacks or desserts, this cupcake comes in a practical to-go format. Enjoy it anytime, anywhere.

Improved classic: Bimbo has managed to maintain the essence of the classic Tigretón, but has improved it to adapt to modern tastes without losing its essence.

Ideal for any occasion

If one day you want to treat yourself you can have it as a quick and delicious breakfast, as an energy snack to recharge your batteries or a dessert to close any meal with a flourish, Bimbo's Tigretón is your best option.

Place your order and be surprised by the magic of the chocolate cake most valued by Spanish students in the 90s. Your breakfasts, snacks and desserts will never be the same again!

Bimbo's Tigretón is waiting for you at Your Spanish Corner! Remember that we ship to any destination in the European Union and the United Kingdom

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