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    Asiático coffee glass

Buy glass of Asian coffee

Discover the essence of coffee with our exclusive Asian coffee glass, a unique piece that will transport you to the coffee tradition of Cartagena (Region of Murcia, Spain). In our web store, we offer you more than a simple container, we give you a complete experience, rooted in the history of coffee and with a touch of elegance that will make each sip an unforgettable moment.

Asian coffee has a curious history that you can learn about in our blog , but it also has its own cup which contains the secret of the traditional recipe so that you can enjoy this delicious experience at home.

Our Asian coffee glass is not only a container to enjoy this traditional drink, but it is also a perfect original gift for coffee lovers. Its classic design, with a wide base and a concave contour, allows you to fully appreciate the aromas and flavors of the coffee, while its resistant glass guarantees durability and resistance to repeated uses. In addition, its structure makes it easy to clean, making it an ideal option for both domestic and hospitality use.

Imagine delighting your guests with an authentic Cartagena Asian coffee served in these exquisite crystal glasses. Its elegance and sophistication will add a special touch to any occasion, from an intimate gathering to a formal event. You will not only be offering a delicious drink, but also a sensory experience that will leave a pleasant impression on everyone who tries it.

Our Asian coffee glass is a window to the history and tradition of the most traditional coffee that you can only enjoy in Cartagena (Spain), encapsulated in an elegant and durable design. This coffee tumbler is the perfect choice for those who appreciate the true essence of this revered beverage. Immerse yourself in the world of Asian coffee and discover the pleasure of each sip with our exclusive coffee glass.

If it is a gift for a loved one, at Your Spanish Corner you can also find gift boxes with all the ingredients to make this delicious and traditional drink.

We ship to all parts of the planet, if your country is not in the European Union, contact us through and we will give you instructions so that you can purchase this exclusive glass that is only manufactured in Cartagena (Spain).

In this image you have the recipe and quantities necessary to make this traditional coffee following the markings on the cup:

And here we also leave you a video that you can find on our YouTube channel with step-by-step instructions:

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