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    Margaritas with tomato and spinach GALLO 450g.
    Margaritas with tomato and spinach GALLO 500g.

Discover Gallo's Margaritas pasta with tomato and spinach at Your Spanish Corner and enjoy the summer with a delicious and healthy cold salad!

This summer, dare to prepare an exquisite cold salad with Gallo's tomato and spinach Margaritas pasta, available in our store. Made with high quality wheat and an exclusive and natural drying, this pasta guarantees a perfect texture and a fast cooking time. In addition, its tomato and spinach content gives it a unique flavor and a healthy touch.

At Your Spanish Corner, you will also find a wide variety of ingredients to complement your salad, including a selection of irresistible Spanish cheeses. Add juicy cherry tomatoes, refreshing cucumbers and baby spinach leaves to create a vibrant and colorful salad. Don't forget to add the Spanish cheese, which will give an irresistible flavor to your dish!

Where can you buy the Margaritas pasta with tomato and spinach from Gallo and all the necessary ingredients for your salad? In Your Spanish Corner! We are proud to offer you quality products that enhance your meals. Visit us and discover our wide selection of gourmet products, including Gallo's pasta margaritas, perfect for adding a fresh and creative touch to your summer salads.

This summer, enjoy refreshing and nutritious meals with our Gallo Spinach Tomato Margarita Pasta. Do your shopping at Your Spanish Corner and discover new ways to enjoy your favorite salads with a Mediterranean touch and authentic flavors!

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