• Brand: Pompadour
  • Weight: 24 individual bags


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Pompadour is a spanish brand for teas.

Linden is an herb that comes from the Tilia tree, which  is more commonly referred to as lime tree. The flowers of the Tilia tree are  steeped and made into a tea that has been consumed for centuries in Europe for a  variety of medicinal purposes.

Linden flowers contain flavonoids, potent antioxidant  substances that help prevent free radical-induced damage in your body. Linden  also contains tannins that act as an astringent, and it has mucilage properties,  meaning that it coats your throat and intestines and soothes and reduces  inflammation.  Linden tea also works as a diuretic, helping to reduce fluid retention. In  addition, linden has sedative properties and helps to induce relaxation, making  it a potentially effective sleep aid.


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