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    Propellers with tomato and spinach GALLO 450g.

Buy Rooster Vegetable Propellers. Summer Salad Ingredients.

Buy Helices Vegetales Gallo at Your Spanish Corner and enjoy the summer with a delicious cold salad!

This summer, prepare a rich cold salad of Gallo vegetable pasta with vegetables and Calvo tuna from our store. In Your Spanish Corner, you will find Helices Vegetales Gallo, the perfect option to give a fresh and healthy touch to your meals.

Our Gallo Vegetable Propellers are made with a special selection of high quality wheat and have an exclusive and natural drying. This ensures that the pasta always retains its perfect texture and cooks quickly, ideal for those busy summer days. In addition, these propellers are a natural source of fiber, providing nutritional benefits to your diet.

In our store, you will also find a wide variety of fresh ingredients to complement your salad. From juicy cherry tomatoes to refreshing cucumbers, crunchy carrots and baby spinach leaves, all the elements needed to create a vibrant and flavorful salad.

We cannot forget to mention the delicious Calvo tuna, the perfect companion to complete your salad. With its smooth and juicy flavor, and its rich content in omega-3 fatty acids, Calvo tuna brings a touch of freshness and additional nutrition to your plate.

Where can you buy Gallo Vegetable Propellers and all the necessary ingredients for your salad? In Your Spanish Corner! Our store is committed to offering you quality products that enhance your meals. Visit us and discover our wide selection of gourmet products, including Gallo Vegetable Helices, perfect for giving a fresh twist to your summer salads.

This summer, enjoy refreshing and nutritious meals with our Cold Gallo Vegetable Pasta Salad. Do your shopping at Your Spanish Corner and discover new ways to enjoy your salads!

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